An upcoming excerpt for the the project BACH TO HEALTH. The project is a series of shorts films with one specific theme for each Suite that the composer Johanne Sebastian Bach wrote. The cellist Johanne Perron performs live the six suites while the movie (in total length of 1h40 approximately) is playing behind. Each Suite has a specific theme that is inspiring to the viewer. All scenes and subjects feature the Province of British Columbia, specifically, the Kootenay region.

The GOAL of the project is to perform for various groups of people and occasions and raise funds for those who need to be ”back/Bach to Health” whether it is for Culture, or for health such as mental health, physical health or for someone or a group of people or/and organizations that are in need to get back on their feet.

The movie is semi-silent. The natural sounds (nature sound, children laughter’s etc) is kept throughout. The motion picture is a series of six short films of about 16 minutes each.

The primary message is to remind people of the positive side of human existence, the beauty of the world surrounding them and to sent a message of hope to all who will view the picture while hearing the warmth and beautiful sound of the cello playing compositions by BACH.

The DVD will be available for sale in 2018 and will include the sound track of the Suites for Cello Solo performed by Johanne Perron.