Johanne Perron
Performance and Perfection


See what others have to say about Johanne and her teaching.


  • Andrew T. Park says:

    I left a better cellist. What more could you ask for? I saw myself grow in ability and confidence every day. Johanne Perron’s attention to the full body experience when approaching the cello is genius. Her knowledge and ability of the instrument and its repertoire is staggering. Studying with Perron expanded more than my knowledge of studies, exercises and repertoire. Her philosophy guided my practicing and mind in a way that let me uncover the points of tension holding me back in my body and mind. The cello symposiums were personal and informative. It was exactly what I needed and I believe anyone that goes would agree.

    It’s a privilege to learn from her. If you come you’ll leave wealthy.

  • Joe Goering says:

    Johanne Perron’s approach to teaching is uniquely suited to the student’s needs. She is a fine teacher. She is patient and very knowledgeable. I was having issues with my bow arm and she knew exactly what to do. I now feel more confident on the cello and I am able to express myself without problems interfering. I would, without a doubt, recommend her teaching to anyone interested in learning cello.

  • Kathleen de Caen says:

    My experience at the cello symposium this year was incredible! Not only was the setting breathtakingly beautiful, but the atmosphere was supportive, inspiring and motivating. I feel that I had the same amount of progress in my playing in those five days as one has over the course of a couple of months of weekly lessons.

    The set up of the program was wonderful. There were Bach classes, technique classes, master classes and private lessons for each student daily, including lots of built in practice time. This daily programming kept each student accountable and progressing in all areas of cello playing.

    Johanne Perron is certainly one of North America’s finest teachers. She demands a high level of excellence from each student and always helps find a unique approach for each student to get there. Her focus on breath and body awareness has brought my playing to an entirely new level. She is also very caring and genuine, things which I value highly in a mentor and teacher.

    Thank you for a wonderful 5 days! I would highly recommend this program to any cellist looking to seriously improve their technique, musicality and holistic approach to playing.

  • Matthew McPhalen says:

    Even though I have only been studying with Johanne Perron for a few months I have already noticed a large improvement in both my musicality and my technical facility on the cello. In just a short time she has been able to solve problems that have frustrated me for years. She has been particularly insightful by helping me to allow my left hand to be more relaxed and accurate while also helping me with issues in my bow arm. Johanne Perron has also helped me to better comprehend and interpret the Bach cello suites. She demands a lot from her students but is always able to give you the tools to meet these demands. Her teaching style works very well in combination with her husband John Kadz whom I and her other students are also lucky to study with. She is also aware that there is always more to learn and refine and is constantly trying to bring her teaching to an even higher level. I am very happy to have Johanne Perron as my teacher and would recommend her to anyone looking to study with a knowledgeable, caring, passionate and hardworking teacher.